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If you're interested in having a dog but can't commit to anything long term, fostering is the perfect way to not only help a rescue dog, but an organization with the goal of saving lives and providing the best outcomes for the dogs we rescue.

STEP one

Click below to fill out our

Much similar to our adoption approval process, getting approved to foster can take just a few days. 

STEP two

Once you have filled out a foster application, we will facilitate the following steps to determine approval:

1. Personal and veterinary reference checks

2. Virtual tour home visit

STEP three

We will call 3 personal (non-family) references, and a veterinary reference.

Once these steps are complete, our applications coordinator will conduct a virtual tour home visit which will consist of videos/photos of your home.

STEP three continued...

In the meantime of collecting these items, we will work on matching you with the dog that is best suited for your home, while learning your restrictions and abilities as a foster family. We work hard to find dogs that are the best suited match for foster homes, but please understand that sometimes dogs can act differently in different environments.

STEP three continued...

We will work as closely as possible with you to try to work through any behaviors necessary for the dog to have a successful adoption. This might include training, or just some simple advice along the way. Regardless, we rely on our foster families to help the dogs find the best possible homes for their needs.

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