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Save a life


important statistics

  • The number of euthanized dogs has increased by 37% from the previous year, reaching approximately 51,000 from January to July 2023.

  • By August of 2023, Denver's city shelter had euthanized 866 dogs and cats, marking the highest number in at least five years.

  • San Antonio has already euthanized over 4,393 animals this fiscal year, surpassing last year's count of 2,956 dogs and cats.

  • Out of roughly 6.5 million animals entering shelters annually, only 3.2 million find adoptive homes.

  • Live release rates for animals in shelters have declined since the pre-pandemic period, emphasizing the need for fosters to provide temporary homes and increase adoption opportunities. 

We are always in need of fosters for our dogs!

 Fosters help us to save more lives by allowing us to rescue more dogs from dangerous or neglectful situations, while providing them with a loving home environment to heal and prepare for adoption.

Without fosters, many of these dogs may not have a second chance at finding their forever homes.

STEP one

Click below to fill out our

Much similar to our adoption approval process, getting approved to foster can take just a few days. 

STEP two

Once you have filled out a foster application, we will facilitate the following steps to determine approval:

1. Personal and veterinary reference checks

2. Virtual tour home visit

STEP three

We will call 3 personal (non-family) references, and a veterinary reference.

Once these steps are complete, our applications coordinator will conduct a virtual tour home visit which will consist of videos/photos of your home.

ready to foster?

Click the link above to save a life!


Send our foster coordinator an email!

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